Reviews for "Udon Darkstalker's Tribute"

very nice!

Very good artwork love the detail i also love your other artwork
keep it up :)


Tattoo material. Can I get the artist's blessing?

kevinbolk responds:

You are blessed, brother.

True Story of Little Red Riding hood

This is what really Happened 10/10

Had to

I had to review this since the reviews here don't know the characters.

Girl in the red hood is named Bulletta, or BBHood in the US.

She's basically a hardcore version of red riding hood, her parents got slaughtered by a werewolf she escaped, and later became a monster hunter.

The werewolf behind her is not the offending wolf, that's Talbain and notice the belt hes a martial artist. Watching a werewolf bust out nunchucks in the game is pretty cool.

This piece is great puts me in mind of a really well drawn and shaded Tome and Jerry scene or something.

pretty kool

i like cuz the wolf