Reviews for "Udon Darkstalker's Tribute"

It's so... cartoony!

And I love cartoony stuff! :)

I've never heard of Darkstalkers, but this piece obviously draws a lot of inspiration from Little Red Riding Hood. My favorite part is definitely the expression on the girl's face... priceless! The wolf looks great too; his out-of-proportion body provides an additional silly touch. This looks like an actual screenshot from a cartoon!

The wolf's shadow seems a bit off, though... it's not a huge problem, but the shadow looks kind of strange since it doesn't match his body shape and position very accurately. And it would've been nice if his tail had more of those furry spikes of hair like his back does.

Also, the arms look a bit odd, at least to me. The right arm sort of looks like it's missing it's upper part, but perhaps that's because of the perspective used...

But anyway, I still love this! Great work!

ho yeah ...

the best version ver seen


I love how you did the wolf. I don't think he'd be smiling if that gun was pointed in his face though.