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Reviews for "Wondrous Trek"

This is actually amazing! Good job!

Wow! Incredible! Congrats on frontpage! This is absolutely incredible! Great mix, sooo much variety! Soo good! Great job!

I really love the chords in this, it sounds dramatic yet quirky. Great use of sidechain with epic synth. Dubstep is great too, although the ocasional melodic parts seem too happy or major, not really fitting the chordline. My favourite part is right after that, and the song is great from then on. The slow epic sidechain with kick and snare is great, with the faster part following it being pretty nice. In my opinion the ending might sound better with a minor third instead of major, but it wouldn’t change much. Overall great job, 9.5/10!
PS. My music is pretty bad and I’m still learning so sorry if this is too critical, but I just like to give people full reviews. Keep making music! :D

MrKoolTrix responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Drop is really cool!

This song is amazing!

- UNICORNmusic

Sounds a lot like "Karma Fields - Edge Of The World" before the drop.