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Reviews for "Wondrous Trek"

I don’t know why but I can easily identify that these tracks are of your works, mainly because of the leads that are almost..... *vocal* like. My mind goes crazy trying to picture how massive this must have looked within Fl Studio! Every detail itself in this track just plays their part so well in this one! Hehe I’m totally looking foreword to making another GD Layout with this beauty! It’s replacing Cool Vibes by a mile!

This track is really unique and well made. I've listened to it quite a few times now since it came out. Sound design and mixing is great as usual but I cant help thinking the drop would sound much better in a minor key, kind of like a dark change from the euphoric build up.

Thats probably just my strange desires tho so don't think about it too much. Anyways, awesome track I really like it. Keep up the good work :)

absolutely love it, so well made. keep up the good work

I'm so fukin proud of you

Drop is really cool!

This song is amazing!

- UNICORNmusic