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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"


all i have to say is 'fighter...brilliant!'

Nicely done.

With these kinds of animations the whole thing really relies on the story and humor of it. Very well done and very funny.


that sounds about right. unfortunatly i cant tell if im the guy getting drunk, the idiotic mage, or the guy who cant commit... oh well. you forgot one d&d archtype though. the rules nazi. this movie is beautiful, in all its 8 bits of satanic glory. great job.

Oh man :-D

holy crap it was scary on how real that was. Thats EXACTLY how D&D Goes! i even laughed when the characters laughed! This was freaking hilarious. props dude


This is a very sweet flash. I have seen it on Summoner, but this is so much funnier. Only one insignificant detail which no one cares about, Thief wasn't the one complaining about Mordenkainen's Faithful Watchdog, Black Mage should have been. Other than that, one of the coolest Newgrounds...things I have ever seen. Well done!

It keep getting better and better!!