Reviews for "The Beautiful Savage"


I love it!

Reverb adds to the feeling awesomely, everything is mixed perfectly. Also, instruments sound very realistic, though overall quality is not perfect (well, I don't really care).

The most important thing is you're great composer;)

MilkMan-Dan responds:

I suppose that is the most important thing... and the imperfection comes from the fact that every note you hear is crafted by hand on my keyboard... so if I slip up even in the slightest you'll hear it.

Thanks for the review mate.


Well done!

I love the piano in here, and how the strings just accentuate everything.

I love how the song builds. Every melody in here.
I think I hear an electric guitar? After the tempo change.

I love the Requiem for a Dream like feel to it.

GREAT SONG! 5/5 10/10 DL


(you cannot imagine how long i've been looking for a song like this. even more inspiration to me)

MilkMan-Dan responds:

Correct! Buy this man a drink. That is indeed electric guitar... something you'll be hearing more of in the future I hope.

And you noticed the tempo change... your incredibley perceptive. Very well done.

Requiem for a Dream is among my favourites, hehe... one day I hope people will be going

"Hey this song has a Milkman-Dan feel to it... don't you think?"

I'm glad you found the song you were looking for.


MMD, Sculpter of Emotions

I am very glad you came back to bless us with another of your pieces, it is always a pleasure to listen to them. And yes, to me, in the classical genre, you are the master of emotion, MaestroRage/Sorrow is master of world building, and..well..I'm still waiting to come up with more catagories in my head of classical music for others to fulfill..

Anyway..as we enter this beautiful sentiment, we hear a reverbed, echoing piano, spilling out it's heart for us...It is then reassured by the voices in the strings and percussion, and becomes more confident in it's melody..and as the beat drops out, the piano once again spills out emotion beyond what was believed as possible..
Now, at 1:40 this voice grows in confidence, and even rage, and as the anger (strings) build up within it the voice seems ready to burst...until...with a burst of consolement, the piano realizes it's faults, and as it moves on with more confidence then ever, what it thought was it's anger (strings) turn out not to just be anger, but a companion of life..At the end of the song, we here a release of what piano was keeping stored up inside, finally reaching true peace..and as it drifts away..we will remember.

Very nice composition you have here, I'm glad you haven't lost that musical talent ;). Once again..I REALLY like the intro to this song ^^, so much emotion.

5/5, 10/10, flawless in it's form and movement..thanks for submitting again!


MilkMan-Dan responds:

Well... Sculpter of Emotions... that quite the title. I thank you kindly for it.

I always love the visions people get from listening to my work. It's really inspiring. Hehe no I didn't lose my talent after all this time.

I look forward to listening to your work.

Thanks again.


Ohh the piano. My favorite instrument...
What an amazing intro! It gets you in a nice mood right away! Great melody, the way the notes are being played just makes this song roll throu my head over and over. Certainly catchy.
0:24 - Nice choice of instruments. The percussion you used it's actually very interesting. Very movie like.
Oh, the violins :D There was no way you could miss putting violins into this song, very nice background. I specially like them at 0:56, I like it when a melody suddenly changes into a sorrowful mood.
1:19 - Now, this is something that I always liked about you, a piano solo part after the whole band played already
1:41 - OMG here starts a powerful... determination like melodie. Like when you're about to make an important decision. To live or die (sort of, lol).
2:00 - New percussion? woot! Now the whole band is back! Good, good. They're back to introduce the ending, a simple and powerful ending. I liked that echo btw.

Wonderful, I can't believe I've never reviewed you before.
Keep them coming!! ;)


MilkMan-Dan responds:

You know whats amazing.

I know a violinist who has been collaborating with me... and her last name happens to be fuoco.

You guys are a talented bunch.

I sincerely appreciate the in depth review, I very much intend to keep them coming as well.

I had a listen to your work. fived both pieces.

You are an amazing pianist. I hope to hear more from you as well.

Cheers Mate.