Reviews for "Choosing the Door [exerpts]"

Heavy metal!

In your eye sockets! Right there man, right on! Swell appetizer of your album! Hope you get something out of it. Oh, why looky there, your F-Zero cover went platinum. OMG. Nice one. ;D

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FlameMesial responds:

Cheers for the review buddy, glad it's heavy metal in my eye sockets :D

I think I was also a victim of mass downloading (after reading your blocked thread) but hey, it still looks cool ;D

Thanks again.

Very Awesome Man

This song sounds very great man, if just snippets are this awesome I can't imagine how awesome the full song is. The riffs are great as is your tone, a good bit of them remind me of Dream Theater(I think that's been mentioned by someone before) which is definitely good since Dream Theater is my all time favorite band. It's really amazing that you can play this good at the age your at too, I'm the same age as you, yet I don't think I'm up to par with how great your playing is, but it's awesome to see someone who is the same age as me and listens to Dream Theater, and Megadeth at that, all the people who are the same age as me seem to listen to pretty stupid shit, glad to know all young guitar players don't have shitty music tastes and actually have a lot of talent. Sorry about the rant, when it comes to people listening to crappy music, I tend to go off and it's hard for me to stop haha, I think you get the idea though...well anyways, awesome song man, I'm not one to buy other's albums online and such, but I think I'm gonna try and buy this album, it sounds great dude, keep up the awesome work man.

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FlameMesial responds:

First off, reading halfway through the review already, you rule for being a Dream Theater fan :P And I know exactly what you mean by stupid shit, everybody our age loves fucking Trivium. I don't know why.

The whole song is just under 7 minutes, and I had to cut the song in half and throw a few fades here and there.

I would appreciate it very much if you could buy the labum, but there will be no sales here yet until I can get this Paypal account.

Thank you for the awesome review, I'm glad you like it! And thank you also for the 5 :D


Wow, I wonder how the full tune sounds, hahaha. hey man, if you've got the midi or whatever it was you were going to send me finished, you can go ahead and e-mail it to me. I haven't really been able to catch you online lately. Anyway man, you know I love the tune. Some wicked playing and in general great writing.

FlameMesial responds:

Thanks man. This is a 5-month late fucking reply, I'm a lazy twat.

Of course, I'm pulling out of the whole album thing with vocals, but this is a notice for anyone wanting to listen to the album's music -

I have discontinued recording vocals for the album, due to the long winters in Britain. When I can catch Speedmetal again on msn I need to know if he can help me with the rest of the synth parts and post-production, then I can send anyone a copy of the album online.

Thanks for the post-production on this song man, even though the album project didn't entriely work out, you made this sound fucking awesome. Thanks man.

Excellent as fuck!

This rules. When your album is done, instead of buying it can I just swap it for a copy of mine if I ever finish it? hahaa

Anyway, excellent fucking riffs. You've gotten really damn good as a lead guitarist. Bastard!

The end part sounded black metal as fuck with a hint of Metallica. Awesome stuff mate, if this is what your album is gonna sound like then I'm very much looking forward to eating my speakers with my fucking ears!!!

FlameMesial responds:

Yeah, haha. I'll send you the instrumental album through an email, and you can reply with your album :D

It was a bitch to do, the solos were damn hard bitches.

Thanks for the review man, and most of the album does sound like that, so hopefully you'll be satisfied :)


Nice compilation. I think it gives a good overview of how you sound. It really made me interested, so I guess I either have to buy your album or I have to check out your other songs here on NG.
Or both ^^.