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Reviews for "Butterflies"

This is awesome!

I really enjoyed the structure of the song (and the song itself). I liked the vocaloid voice, it really fits the track. Some notes of the lyrics around 2:44 feel out of scale but out of that it sounds good. I think that some plucky lead sounds are too dry which make some parts of the track feel a bit empty, but that's not a big deal. I really loved the bass tho! Good job!

What are the lyrics?

KawaiSprite responds:

Baby you & me
The way that it should be
I really love you to death
Oh yeah

I wanna talk talk talk with you
Tell me what you want to do
Don’t be shy what’s on your mind?

Butterflies inside me
I really love it when you kiss me
I really love it when say all the little things that you wanna say

We could be forever, I don’t wanna be without you
I’ll be peanut butter you’re my jelly you’re my boo
We could be forever, I don’t wanna be without you

I don’t want to say goodnight
Don’t you say you do
You know its not true
I love you too

And my head spins, and my heart beats fast
When you look at me I’m staring back
You’ll take my hand it is in your grasp
Till my lungs stop breathing until I collapse

Enjoyed the lyrics and structure on this one a lot. The mix is also impressive. It's thick, clear, and full. This is a real-ass nerd jam.

KawaiSprite responds:

Glad you like it, thanks for listening!

Oh dang those vocals are awesome! Did you record them or use a Vocaloid?
Sounds awesome!!!

Love the music style of this. I know its Kawaii but your twist on it is really well done.

KawaiSprite responds:

Hey thank you! It’s actually my voice with little alterboy and autotune.