Reviews for "Locust Toybox - Crayon Miracle"


Oh shit did I swallow mah shrooms agin? Ooooh lordy lordy looord.af,f....

Good job :3

Firth is better than god, if there was a god.

I love David Firth, an unhealthy lot. This is a good song, too :D
I want to hear a Danger-Wank song.


...but awesome! There's just something about this song that's just catchy, and amazing! I definetly want to make a game just to have this song in it!


well it is a very good song and very livly i like it heh ican see why it been used in a nuber of flashs and has such good prasie bravo

Upbeat yet relaxing

This song makes me think of summer time and it makes me happy to be alive. And the guitar kind of makes me think of the Beatles. It's very relaxing, yet I want to get up and dance to it. I love it. Nice work.