Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"


This is how these paradies should be done, look at the file size here boys, and notice the storyline fo far. This movie is going places in my opinion.

you get a ten

Im the biggest Metroid fan ever
so this gets a 10
i had the first Metroid game, the first day it came out


Anyone who gives this movie under a perfect score is either stupid or retarted. This is great, I loved it and anyone who knows anything about video games should definitely watch it. If you don't know anything then it might not be a good idea, and certainly don't give it a 0 just cause you don't understand it. Keep up the good work!!


THAT WAS A GREAT MOVIE! KRAID DIEING AND ALL. Makes me wanna play "Super Kraid Bros."

Yeah I know how that is

I always have to blow, puin, and reset the damn cartridge before it ever started to work. I ttook a good 30 minutes too, lol ^^