Reviews for "Metroid Parody part 1"

HAHAHA!! u have to reset the game on part 1 and u

have to blow the cartridge on p2 HAHA! i remember that. god that was long ago...anywho i loved it it was genius PART 2 im watching now

Haha i'm laughing to death

Slick graphics, funny jokes. The movie is fast.
You're one of the best video game parodie makers on NG.


omg to damn funney dude make more of these metroids i wanna c more of this shiznit


amazing! i remember the good old days when i would play metroid.... *sigh* i used to throw my controller at the wall if i got angry.... lol

anyway good flash.. i cant wait untill the second part!!! *umps up and down like a lil girl who has eaten to many sweets*



Lol, Kraid is sooooo dumb!! haha! Good job dude.!