Reviews for "A Breeze From Home (Aydin's Remix)"

Oh my goodness, this was amazing. The vocal chops, and however you processed them, to the chords, to that mallet(idk) sounding lead, to the hard hitting drums.

That intro... :10 seconds and on was damn gorgeous

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

You the best dude! Thanks for your awesome words :) :)

This is an ABFH remix contest judge's review.

The ambience you've created with this is so ambient, and quirky, and playful. I feel like I'm chasing after a field of diamonds in the sky with the synths you've used, and that image is so vivid in my mind from listening to this. You've been imaginative with the stems, I see -- splitting them, speeding them up, seemingly making a pretty tight hip-hop beat out of it -- seriously, I could see rap vocals to it even if it has a Future Bass sound to it, but it stands pretty alright on its own.

There's something that is both relaxing and delightfully engaging about this. I find it a masterful thing to do, when someone nails two feelings at once with a song, two feelings that follow through from start to end and don't leave the listener in conflict. The song itself feels like a love letter, smooth like butter and easy on the ears from start to end.

I don't think I have complaints with the mixing; it was just as playful as the actual song and I probably wouldn't have done things differently.

All the best in the competition!

Dang, this is really good. The remix breathes new life into the original, and at the same time it keeps to that original. It's balanced, it's chill, it's new and beautiful. The higher pitched vox actually kinda give off some of many cat vibes that are in EBF5 (by many I mean many), and it just feels really good to hear. I really love this remix, and I know I'll come back to this many times, because it really hits that sweet spot. Congrats on the first place win on the ABFH remix contest :D

This is not ABHF review. I hope the spam is reduced now. ;)

The synth design here is really creative! Great work :D

Aydin-Jewelz123 responds:

Awesome dude!