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Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"


make more plz i beg of you make more for me i need more!!! more!!! more!!!


i love that you had BM win every time, hes my favorite character. oh im saying this in this review causs........... i dnot know why. but i hate it when people cross bit. i mean they use 32 or even 64 bit characters in a 8 bit enviornment. ITS NOT RIGHT.

lol funny

very funny i like it

blam this?

either someone has 8BT prejudices, or just dosent like sprite movies.... these are among some of the best out there... (dure beats ''stick figure killing spree'' any day...keep up the good work

There's nothing better then a stealing contest!

This flash was downright hilarious! It's nice to see so many 8-Bit Theater homages on newgrounds. This is definitely going to be added on to my favorite submissions list, along with several other of you works.

BTW, the minigame was only decent.