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Reviews for "Thief vs Thief?"

((( DECENT )))

Ok well notbad, i think i seen a few of thease they are ok, kinda entertaining, funny, and just plain amusing this one was abit more detailed then the others, nice work...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: A batlle to the end...



genius. sheer absolute GENIUS. tell me---when does black mage NOT win??????? oh well. it's cool anyway.

Red Mage...He did pretty well...

Damn Theif(s)! They took my super-inportant Character status-thing! And those Imps! Nooo! Its Garland you want! He is either close by or in another Final Fantasy!!!


Man, I can't believe you got all the personalities from the 8 bit series. And Black Mage wins, no matter what!

Very good yet again

Your extremelly skilled at this 8 bit thing. You also had a good story line to it as well. Bravo