Reviews for "R.E.M. III"

Yay! ^ ^

Dimrain! Yay! Music! Party! Pie! Uhh... Right, review.

*starts song*

Interesting beginning, I like the pause. I like the little background noises. It's kinda interesting how a random sounds just kinda jump in and out of the song, making it more of a song with every repetition. Once again, nice background sounds. Change in atmosphere, with a guitar in the background, I like it. The music softens up, and is beginning to intensify. Synth comes in... ooh spiffy! Pause, then guitar! ^ ^ I love your guitar, I wish I could play like that... It feels very Dimrain-y... a new synth, quiet this time, but very cool. It does the one-note guitar background... Ooh! I love the pause! Wow! Nice job on how the synth jumps in like that! ... Bam! Awsome ending!

All in all, I still have the desire to hug your music, even though it's impossible. I agree with the guy below me that intensifying the volume changes would be cool, but other then that your music is just pure awsomeness.

Once again, another great song by Dimrain47.

§ -C- ¤ -M- §
<(I . I<)(>I . I)>

I have a solution.

If you can't fit all of the things this song reminds you of, then why not list them all by responding to this review?

Anyways, back to the review itself.... I got nothing, it's just that awesome (and I'm lazy as fuck right now). Keep up the excellent work, Dimrain!


This is one of your best and its my personal favorite. It was a bit more original than your others especially with the guitar and strings, i loved it. Great song, keep putting more on newgrounds :)


love the fast pace in the song, as it gets slow i feel so damn good inside, this is pretty much THE greatest song you've made, oh and not to mention the electric guitar , genius!


This is my 1st review but I have listened to tons of songs. In fact i found newgrounds by looking up the music maker on that game particles. The song turned out to be twilight techno. I have listened to all of your songs. great work. I hope u make more master pieces.