Reviews for "R.E.M. III"


SAme blood its always the gitar things that makes me ccrazzyy!


Eeeeeeh, Lets CHeck The List Of Genres I Hear:
Rock, Trance, Thecno, RAVE, Pop? Dnb... Classical, errr... Ya Thats What I Get Outta My Head Right Now... Think Its Losa More...
1 Part Reminds Me Of Something... It OWNS.
Fits Good To RAMPAAAAGEEEEE BATLLE!!!!!! (lol >.<)
Love Ur Songs. Dont Stop!

Great job!

Always reminds me of some sort of RPG fight on a subterranian railway, can't remember which one... Might be one of the Breath of Fire games... Anyway good track.

Nice! ^^

Very fast. good for a fight scene. But i do agree with puppet-master1 it's a little out off control.

Nice Job, though. u will never seize to amaze me. ^^ 5/5

this is like a weird older mash up of infernoplex and operation: evolution...So basically it sounds like an amazing dimrain47 song! Love your songs! please post more to your youtube and make more!