Reviews for "Escape from Elm Street"

awsome ^_^

ive loved the freddy kreugar movies since i was like 3 lol and this game was awsome! i finished the game with the holy water and it ended just like the 1st movie! ^_^ awsome im gonna finish the game with just shooting him and c what happens ^_^


An amazing game. Not so good on the graphics, and Freddy's voice was a bit choppy, but great nonetheless. Absolute edge-of-your-f**king-seat, and I felt like I would have a heart attack every time I clicked on a door! This is very well done, and I hope you venture further into the suspense genre.

great game but takes forever to load!!!!!!!!!!!

as I said before,great game but takes forever to load!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Game

yea ive seen alot of bad reviews for this game but i think its totally a really fun game and it has alot of humor in it. the whole part about when to use your joint was quite hilarious. sure the game is hard to figure out, but if u put some time into it you can do it wihtout the help of the walkthru. its really fun!

-mr will

another good game. i found the remake not as good,

as i said above, iprefer this one but the graphics are better on the other one.
TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE TROUBLE WITH THE TV MINIGAME, watch freddys hand. the second it moves, JUMP that is thats all. its really easy