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Reviews for "buckshot episode 1"

Funny, plus a cameo!

Funny! Just make sure it's ok with Scrotum's creator!


great pre-loader!!!
great graphics!!
if only this was an interactive game instead!!


The thought of marauding Christina, among many other of these new fangled Marilyn Monroe wannabe makes me squeal deep down inside... And the bonuses made me chuckle quite a bit. This is a nice piece of work.


Pretty good, man. Like the other guy said, it would be funnier if you had Christina attempt to use her weapons. Good job though.

Whoa! This is really nice!

That's some smooth fucking graphix you got there, dude! I love all the weapons, especially the bat. Beating Christina beyond recognition was sadistically hilarious! Although I do prefer Britney Spears as a target, but it's nice to see some change. That secret bonus with the grenades is impeccable, I wont reveal it to anyone reading the reviews, but it is fucking great! See for yourself! Gotta love perverto in the backgropund too! One little suggestion: it would've been nice to see Christina actually attempting to "use" her weapons... and good fucking luck trying to make this into a real game... if you ever plan to do that!