Reviews for "Police Bike"

Nah lol

Its kinda weird and it dont look right. Cant get into either, its pretty boring


Great game! I tried to get to 1000 points, but I stacked on 925. :/

Funny.........and kinda good.......that's weird!

I really thought this game would blow chunks.......I mean I was thinkin this would be the worst game on NG! I was shocked to find pretty fluid controls (not hard to make "slope" code but good choice) funny character interaction, all wrapped up in a very plain brown bag. It wasn't bad, not at all. Make it bigger, and fix those darn digitized graphics I mean ........yuck! This game is a shocker surprise and a sequel wouldn't be so bad either. More sound would help, more game options, better graphics, and you've started your way toward a new promising flash franchise!

not bad

this game was to my surprise pretty fun

Never really liked this game

This game could be fun for some people but i never really liked it.