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Reviews for "Detective Frofrog"


go the special ending!
that was sick
can you e-mail me the little special ending song?
e-mail it to Cyberdog10@hotmail.com

Marcus marcus marcus...foot...

This isnt Ytown in space at all! You lied to me! Im hurt! *sob*
Hmmm scrambled eggs, gotta tap em all...like me!
On other note great movie and you were right! There are sexy aliens hmmm that frofrog ooooooo...oh ya I built a new system of camera probes to sneak into your new movie and take photos for me ^^ muahahahahaha!!!
*Frofrog chases him with an axe*
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Both him and frofrog trip*
*Axe falls on him and impales his spine*
.....I....Cant....die.. ..this....soon....in....the... ..series....I...havent....even ....taken...a...signle....pict ure...*cough* *cough*
Arrgggggghhh.h..h...h. ...h.....h................


I loved it! It was pretty funny, but I'm most impressed for the wonderful music and the mood of the intro... I love jazz!!! The "6" in interactivity it's for the Easter Egg... It was a great idea, although you should make them a little slower, because they are really hard to get XD Anyways, congratulations, and hope to see more of this!

WOW this is great man!

I can see you worked pretty hard on it, you and your friends do good on the music to. Good luck on the rest man!

McRhyme responds:

Dark Ninja, eh? Do like like CU?! I bet you do... CU is the enemy. I must infiltrate and destroy the enemy. Must destroy.

Haha! Only kidding. I love CU too. Especially CU#2. It's the best episode cuse they joked with things they made up, not stole (like the transformer things!)

That was *COOL

It was very innovative i want to know if you could help me make my own flash movies movies im having problems.

McRhyme responds:

Hmm... I can't help everyone with everything. But sure if you have a simple qustion, I can try to answer.

Please don't ask:
- How do I make a Flash movie?

That's a bit a too big of a question.