Reviews for "Evil-Dog - Dreaming of Victory"

*gets carried to distant lands*

Wow, new stuff from you! I like it a lot. Why don't you make some more... :P

Evil-Dog responds:

I'll try :)

very nice

makes me feel like im flying

Evil-Dog responds:

Nice :)


This song is amazing!! For some reasons this reminds me of the band Kamelot... if you've heard of them.

Evil-Dog responds:

haven't heard of em....I'll check them out


shut up, you are a pro, in a rookie sort of way, and do you want to hear any of my stuff? if so, tell me, i need to show you a cool guitar trick i picked up, and i love this one, its the best of your work, in my opinion

One hell of a sound pure epic

I swear who ever zero bombs this Epic Sound will all burn in hell for lieing to ur self for this is gold on bread