Reviews for "Holy War"

woah! this is cool as hecc! drops are amazing!

Sounds good af, extremely catchy just like all of your songs. Just try to be a little more unique with every song because I'm starting to hear repetition in your music. Still a great song tho

I thought I was into other songs, but THIS takes the cake! 2nd drop is AMAZING! I want more, maybe even another themed song! Do a winter-themed one :O

I love this song, and I love all your songs, BoomKitty, no matter what! I love the 'egyptian' themes of your songs.. <3 Definitely a 5 star for this one bro. Keep it up :p

This is fine, I guess. I first heard this during one of your streams 5 months ago. Honestly, this hasn't changed much imo. The only changes are the arrangement, the bass at the beginning and the sitars.