Reviews for "Holy War"

wowowowowow another amazing from ze amazing boomkiity.

Well, the drop isn't so egyptian. It's more like a fusion between Creo and you.
Wait Im not saying its bad. Its probably one of your best works and I'm glad you decided to try new things. Loved it.

Great song, well worth the wait! The bass really kept it fresh and I thought your style mixed really well with the Egyptian theme. Well done!

Love your music man, always have, I just hate having to wait so long for a new funky track x)

Woaaah this is fking dope :D nice!

Fuckin' finally lmao. This was worth the wait <3 Great work, dude :D ~Skiddle/Zombiez

BoomKitty responds:

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3