Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

Good effort

It was a nice movie, a bit short and a few mistakes, but hey, we're all human, or are we??

Creative and well animated

I gave my awesome computer away to a girl in LA before I moved back to Ohio. The system I am on now is so antiquated I keep wishing for an Amiga. Not only did I dig this animation, the animating was smooth running, and I mean INCREDIBLY smooth running on this hunk of crap I'm forced to use. So I have to give Kudos to the animator as being creative but also knowing Flash enough to minimize BS so this runs good on even crap machines. Technical as well as creative knowledge. You are a freaking mutant, right?

It was a nice movie.

I really liked the movie and I think you should watch it.

Is Gordie Going to be in more of your movies?

Great animation, and good job on drawing the stupid look on his face. It's a great character and I hope you'll make more movies of this type.

very good

warner bros. style. like to see more of these in flash. i would make one, but I can't be bothered