Reviews for "Gordie The Moronfish"

He's not the brightest

VERY funny. Loved it immensely.

Andrew, you have my respect

Andrew I dont know where you came from but you are one of the best things to happen to the portal in a while. This and Rockman neo are godly.

P.S. I put 10 in interactivity because thats a bullshit category and I wouldnt want to throw off your average.

Is this reality? It is, is it?

I can't believe this GREAT piece of work. Despite the fact that it is somewhat short, but that's not what I watch movies for. The synchronisation of sound and anything else is worth mentioning. The eye blinks (Even though Fish don't) was a great part of the humour. And the Remote control pressing, that part was great too, and not to mention the Intro theme. That was unique and what I expect from Andrew Dickman. Just like your Wily Show, I am looking forward to your next piece of work.

Very Good

Nice animation, good cartoon sound. That could've been an actual cartoon if it were longer. It wasn't very funny though... but I still enjoyed it so good job.

Dude............. Dude..................

my god that one dumb f**k of a fish
and you one great F**K or a cartoon creator !

you are a god