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Reviews for "Tiny Toy Tanks"

Hmm, it's an alright game, but for me, I'd argue that it took a little too long to build up to the good part. The later levels get pretty cool since it forces you to play fast and strategic, making good choices with the mines and angled shots and so on. But the early missions were way too simple to just point n click at enemies, agonizingly slow due to the slow movement of the tank, and drab, especially since we're the blue tank which doesn't pop-out as much as the orange tank against the background. Also the early levels were a bit confusing at introducing some aspects like using mines to blow up walls and such. Once you get into it, it can get good, but I just worry that a lot of people would drop it because of the slow start, so maybe speed it up a bit in some way!

Cool game, reminds me of playing Tanks on Wii Play. Movement is a bit tricky to get into though.

Amazing game! I love it.

Not an easy game to get to grips with. And as another reviewer said, this is extremely similar to the Wii Party tank minigame. That's not a bad thing. I wouldn't say just anyone can pick up and play this game, but it's pretty good.

I had a lot of fun in this, i was only planing to do the first 10 levels and give my review but i ended up completing the game.
it is a really interesting mehcanic, the slow movement of the tank, the ricochet and the mines, and how the other taks have sometimes better sometimes worse equipment, forcing you to think and play with their AI to blow em up.
the music and the aesthetic work really well with this both giving us a miltary march and a cute almost "minecraft-y" backgrounds.
great expereince altoghether