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Reviews for "Tiny Toy Tanks"

Other people: *make amazing games like this*
My game: *won't even upload and is two sprites*

Retro-Gears responds:

:P don't surrender

This is a fun game and it is easy to learn I would love to see a multiplayer for this game.

Retro-Gears responds:

multiplayer is in the plan :)


Retro-Gears responds:

yeah x2

All i can say is i can imagine playing this on a wii. Nostalgia

Retro-Gears responds:

thank you for playing I really hope you had fun.
anyways I will keep updating this game and adding more levels and mechanics
you should check our itch.io page or twitter as I will post updates there
also you might want try the windows version

Very impressive animation, but the control of the tank is not very well, try to make the turning easier.

There is one bug I noticed. If you got killed but you shot before you died and you killed the last enemy after you died you get to the next level.

I think it's a 4 stars game but I gave it 4.5 stars because of the potential of it.

Retro-Gears responds:

Hello, I hope you are having a good day :)
thank you for playing the game it means a lot, and thank you for your comment
about the bug, it was made this way so the player does not get frustrated by repeating the level because my goal is for people to have fun
I suggest that you try the windows 10 version on itch.io