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Reviews for "PROJECT: Felony"

Basically 21th century madness

An ok collab overall. Some of the concepts like the glitchy madness girl(?) were fun but I can see a lot of unintentional jankiness here and there (characters standing completely still for a noticeable amount of time for example) but enjoyable
I must say tho, having no clear arc or story it gets tiring quite quickly (made it to the 5 min mark and then had to stop) and the huge amount of memes will make it dated soon (it can also get cringy for some)
Cool collab still. Keep up the good job, you guys

I mean... yeah that was cool but like the two first minute.. the rest waas... pretty boring ? like it was too long, not FUCKIN BAD or you know a joke.. just too long, but yeah some parts was cool gg to everyone

Some parts were good, but most of the movie was not very good.Why yall even did this collab?Yall wanted to show memes, but with madness combat or what?

Shadz64 responds:

felt like making something new with madness compared to a story driven anim