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Reviews for "PROJECT: Felony"

Amazing work, had me laughing many times!

Man this is like fucking Wank 0 but without wank and way WAY better.

Shadz64 responds:

damn... this slapzz.... wait.. he would NEVER leave his ID on the ground! BRRR

DJSans responds:

Agreed. Hot_Girls.png

Yooooo0 WHAT A TRIP!!

This is gonna set a brand new standard in not only shitposting, but just madness in general.
Absolutely stunned by every exaggerations on it, keep it up!

DatSalty responds:

Thanks bro

Shadz64 responds:


DJSans responds:

Thanks m8!

JollyBag responds:

Thanks man! We had a blast animating this hell of a collab! Everything is so chaotic that we can't help but enjoy when people giggle at a gag in it :3

Atp505 responds:

Thank you, Kojima.

So many quastion about but.... Who care's
Well done

comedy gold, heres your 5 stars