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Reviews for "Shower Of Terror : Foamy The Squirrel"

i wish i didnt rate u bad in the made of horror

its just that u freaked me out man i mean me and my dick we have a special connection we have the same dreams.... to bone chiks all we want is peace but i got mad and so did my dick when that dude got his dick bitten off it was a whole 7 days before he calmed down!!! so any way enuff of maid of horror and onto this one wich i loved up until the part when she didnt die and the murderer did i mean shes the girl of my dreams but i just cant get over her wikid ways ohhhh help me do i hate u or not..... not but ohh god so badly wanna fuck that girl man BUT ILL NEVER ASK FOR A U NO WHAT FROM HER

dont piss off the chick

how could she kill that guy with a frigging rubber duck?! well that mabye be never know

is was great

this was a very unexpected ending i thought she was gone for good. it was great like all the rest


Disturbing... Yet Arousing

better than Vince Vaughn

nuff said