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Reviews for "Shower Of Terror : Foamy The Squirrel"

I thought it was ok.

I think that you shoud have show a little more than just the top of her tits and if you would have show all of her tits that would have been a lot cooler.

gave it a 10 very nice movie

worth my time watching it very glad this was on the front page hope to see more from this guy

Nice one

This is really good. Some of the other reviews say it was predictable but i wasn't expecting it. Good idea.. funny.. good sound Congrats and nice on.

Creepy, real creepy

That is definitely the weirdest and most scary episode of NY. It was kinda funny at the end (a rubber duck!?) but bathing in blood kinda reminds me of a vampire from around the time of Dracula... there could be a possible new episode or even series in that!


Oh, my good shes greater than death!! I love it!!