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Reviews for "Simple (ft. Michelle Kim)"

Time for your lips, open 'ide!

Stuff that's great:
- The chord synth has a really really nice mellow attack to it, it sounds excellent.
- The vocals are generally excellent, especially Michelle's singing.
- Reeeeeally chill for trance, which is pretty nice.

Stuff that can be improved:
- There are some weird things with the male vocals at parts like "take you there". It seems like part of the male vocals are cut off at the start - "ake you there". Enunciation of the beginnings of words is really important for cleanliness.
- Careful with overloading your mix at 1:35. The additional high hats are fairly buried and the vocals are burying the mellow attack of your chords.
- The background melody isn't particularly interesting, and it's repeated *a lot*. I wish the background melody were used more effectively than being repeated. (On a related note, the chords seem to be repeated throughout the whole thing - some variation would be excellent).

Overall this is a pretty chill piece without that much variation, just a couple breakdowns in the middle and some nice changing up of the vocals towards the end. More variation along with just a bit of tightening up the mix would make this fantastic.


I like the tranquility at the beginning. Nice warm atmosphere and reassuring mood. I still think you could do a better job at getting out the consonants, especially the first one in each word. Whenever you say “hide,” it sounds like “eye.” I appreciate the structural contrast at the 2-minute mark when you stripped the beat away. The production is also really strong here. I think the pacing of this piece is a little slow. Even during the chorus, there was a lot of space between the vocal lines, although perhaps that fits the character of the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed the call-and-response between the two vocalists at 3:35, which in turn leads into the final refrain really well. This is probably your strongest work yet. I love the warm synths and mastering - everything sits really well in the mix. Keep up the great work, Steelside! ;)

Mixing, mastering, and balance
Structure, transitions, phrasing, and variety
Melody, tonality, harmony, and texture
Instrumentation and sound design
Emotion, atmosphere, and catchiness
Originality and uniqueness
Overall (how do the above elements interact?)
Composite score

steelside responds:

Yeah I have a weird habit of dropping certain sounds in my vocals that's really hard to unlearn. Feelsbad.

Dude, this was. Brilliant. Need to check out your other work. Chill. Catchy. Simple. Just what you need in a solid song. I'm happy that I caught this thing and stumbled upon this. Don't let the lack of community involvement get you down man. There's a niche for everyone, somewhere, I haven't even found mine yet, just keep writing music you clearly have talent!

Love it!

The mastering is beautiful and the flow of the music is well thought out. So nice.

Good luck

wow, fantastic! i don't know how i missed your music earlier and now i feel bad, i REALLY like this!