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Reviews for "After the Rain"

That melody!!! Marry me both of you plz <3.

johnfn responds:

the feeling is mutual, let's find a chapel!!!!!!!!!

(i was literally humming your song as i checked ng for notifications)

Smooth, funky, oh yeaaaaaa

johnfn responds:

ty zooloo =D

Really groovy and smooth vibe at the beginning. I really like the vocals and the subtle variation on the note lengths of that synth at :15. Really refreshing mood here. The melodic content is great, although I think the piece needed a little more bass at times. You start showing off the bass at 1:04, but before that it’s noticeably lacking. I like the improvisational-sounding vocals at 1:04, and how you offered some structural contrast there with the decreased energy. The glitchy breaks at 1:48 were also enjoyable. I can’t help feeling the texture is a little empty for much of the piece, though. The rhythmic elements are strong, but there aren’t many instruments that carry the flow and atmosphere across measures (legato synths or pads, etc.). I also thought the transition at 2:48 could’ve used a bit more smoothing over. Cool ending, though. Overall, this is really strong work. I love the sound design and melodies, and the production is quite strong. Keep it up, guys! ;)


johnfn responds:

with all respect (obviously i am insanely appreciative of all the work you do), if you think this piece lacks bass your headphones almost certainly are not replicating those frequencies and you may want to try other ones. i say this mainly because i had the same problem with not having good enough headphones to replicate those frequencies until i switched! (1:04 has equally loud bass frequencies, but they're a bit higher in the frequency range, so they will be hearable on cheaper headphones)

anyway thanks for the review and ur work TL! <3

This doesn't get old-- been listening to this quite a bit while driving across states this weekend. This can almost be a crossover with it's r&b sound. Would've just like to hear some lyrics. That synth lead at 3:30 is just butter!

johnfn responds:

thanks phonom, congrats on your great score! =D

you can thank ethansight for that synth. he's such a balllerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

oh man this piece
it's so funkily comfy
the main lead is seriously addictive. i wanna sonically hug it

johnfn responds:

ty garlagan =D