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Reviews for "After the Rain"

This is so SICK wow the production is nuts on this, love. Prev reviews are right, that key change is SEXI. Such sheer sonic pleasure and it's such a JOURNEY <3

johnfn responds:


damn that first key change was doooooope - breakdown came in a bit early imo but the 2nd drop is so niiiiice. really good vox, watch those plosives tho! i like the kick and snare sounds, the hihat is nice too but i really need moooooore percs. like other than the cool glitchy noises n stuff. shakers, rides, toms etc. - i appreciate the space it gives to let the hyperanimated synth filters breathe but there are sections and transitions which seem like they should be climactic but feel kinda empty!

eventually it got a little too noodly and i lost interest ~2:30 lol
that's not to say that the rest was bad, it just kinda felt like more of the same? like there wasn't really a climactic energy going into that last section for me, second key change feels kinda abrupt and i wasn't really diggin the last few solos. this piece likes to switch gears a lot, so there are probably a couple of 16 bar sections after the breakdown you could take right out to make the structure tighter and make the changes more *meaningful*. it probably wouldn't even matter which parts you took out tbh.

ending lead is really nice! that lead + epiano for chords + highpassed vox like from 2:51 (in the right key tho) = perfect ending for this track imo.

anyway the mix is hella tight apart from the vocal plosives and the melodies and chord progressions are really great on their own and i'm only really disappointed by the kinda lacking drum work and unfocused structure in the 2nd half. gooooood shit!

johnfn responds:

ty for the kool review midi

i thought someone was going to complain about those plosives. uh i dont have a good excuse i left them in because they make a neat sort of rhythmic tick on my laptop speakers with the drums lol

i basically agree with most of your complaints we just ran out of time lol o well

Ehh, I decided to take time to review this right now while I'm on a roll :D

As often, it's quite obvious that johnfn was working on this :')
That said, it's nice to have a clear cut style at times! I noticed you told Jordi to be more varied in his work, so if you make it to the next round, I challenge you to do something that's not electronic ;)

That said, I'm very happy you took this route for this round! Even with the glitch and the lead, there's enough that'd different about the style to make it super fresh! I'm sure this is because of your contributions, ethansight ;D

I love the voice, and all the rhythmic aspects. Really neat use of the chord hits o.O

The only thing I'd change, is I recommend making a more interesting ending. It by no means sounds bad! It's just a bit lackluster, since it sounds like a section that's just ending and about to lead to a new part. Maybe that's what you were going for for some reason though?

Either way. Cool track, and good luck!

johnfn responds:

yea still working on that ending. it was done in about 5 minutes at 11:50 PM. we still have time right? ;-)

also i would argue this is fairly outside of my chip tune comfort zone. yea sure its still electronic, but the chords and melodic style is pretty different than my standard fare

i would love to do non-electronic but i cant sing (yet) and i dont really want to do cinematic (sorry lol). tho ethansight can sing so HMMMM. we might do something more interesting next round =p

P.S. i tried different leads but they sound worse

P.P.S ethan and i have the exact same style oops

I love the melodies in this!

GL in the NGADM! :D

johnfn responds:

that's what we dooooooooooo =D

(do do do)