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Pretty fun collab the gang put together. This was a lot of fun watching the styles merge together. I vote fiev

K9-CLOCK responds:

Thanks for the kind review!

Damn that was a fine series of flash animated flash cartoons im gonna review em separately. k9 this is as elaborate as your stop motion paper cartoons have ever gotten kudos. I love how you did different bumper shorts between each part too. and you actually made good on the "any fps" rule lol nice. really enjoyed (pannacotta's I think?) flash too, it's literally animated in mspaint assets, that was a god damn achievement. were there two redbooks parts? I think there were two redbook parts. phonograph had the best part and the most stabbings of stabclouds. rob's was short but satisfying and paced exactly right. I had no idea who coffinclock was or that he could animate like that but I loved his part. it was also the best part. jamba's was probably the best new episode of seinfeld I've seen in years. consensual dungeon, bathroom dungeon, excellent visual humor dungeon. I like that a crying baby vuuzela makes foghorn noises. by process of elimination I think deodorant did the part about sbc but I have no idea cause there's also the other part later. I got two kinds a cereal I got bowls I got spoons I got moose tracks I'm also the best part of the collab.

anyways 10/10 5/5 7/11 cool flashpst bro props / ¥¥¥. I wish I actually finished a damn script for this collab.

K9-CLOCK responds:

Thanks! I definitely feel my parts could have been better but it's definitely an improvement. The part about SBC was done by SBC himself, and then deodorant did that weird one with the dancing k9 clock and all in it. I really wished you'd participated too lmao.

This movie is fkkn awesome and anyone who thinks otherwise is clearly wrong.

loved the movie!!!! i enjoyed everyone's different art styles. i do think that having some kind of watermark near the bottom right or something for each clock's part in the collab would be beneficial into understanding who's who. i am not familiar with all the clock crew folks except for a few which made me question who's part was who's. ¡¡¡¡i vote 5!!!!

Starts and ends with a soundtrack like an abstract seventies exploitation movie... love the vibe. And that's where the RealRedbookClock stopmotion reference came from huh...

This was awesome. Entertainingly varied and entertaining. What a way to kickstart the April.


K9-CLOCK responds:

thanks so much, i really liked making it too