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That was enjoyable.

Yes. I was waiting for this and I'm not disappointed, all the parts were very well done specially Pannacotta, he joined like 18 days (I counted, lol) and I must say that I'm impressed. Koffin's part was really good, he got a nice style! and Strawberry clock's part was brilliant, nice routine!
All the other guys did a good job too, I really enjoy when they surprise me with something new.

Long live the clock crew. Fived and added to favorites as always in every clock crew film

K9-CLOCK responds:

Still running newgrounds.

needs salt

loved the movie!!!! i enjoyed everyone's different art styles. i do think that having some kind of watermark near the bottom right or something for each clock's part in the collab would be beneficial into understanding who's who. i am not familiar with all the clock crew folks except for a few which made me question who's part was who's. ¡¡¡¡i vote 5!!!!

This is a great, great movie. Thank you clock crew

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