Reviews for "Tricky Cow"

The controls feel off to me. Maybe tighten them up.

Pretty good game in line with your other similar games. Levels 19 and 38 both suck though, because they're both hard in unfair ways, 19 because apparently there are multiple jump heights so you have to keep up and right held down, hit the far right of a particular block barely not falling into a pit, then barely make it pixel-perfect onto the far left of the block you need, and 38 because even if you do it perfectly it sometimes glitches and that upper-right shooter platform, which must be the last block removed, will glitch out and disappear as soon as you land on top of it, but before you've moved or jumped off it, so try try again until that doesn't happen.

It's entertaining, but it doesn't look very interesting. It's a cow that has to touch a bell for whatever reason. But the gameplay is solid enough at least. Although I did find myself falling through the platforms a few times.

Cool game but why do so many medals have zero points earned?

Edit: Many of them now say 5 points maybe its some glitch. Now the game has started all over with my progress, I am level 1 now. The medals are glitchy as I got to level 25 but I only have medals for level 18.

MrNannings responds:

yeah those medals can't be even zero, I can't choose less than 5.

If I update the game the data gets erased but from now on I don;t think I need to update it again.

Meh. Hit boxes feel off.