Reviews for "Tricky Cow"

it's a ok game but it needs some improvments like the controls, they make the game feel like your jumping on ice blocks (unles thats on purpous than good job).

Level 11 is that one level. "Eleven" kind of rhymes with "level". Well, it's spelled the same way. The music's great. I really was impressed at how creative this was. I mean, it's no easy game.

Who would have thought a game about jumping cows would be so much fun? It's a great puzzle game. I always have to time everything. It's so fast paced. Again, complicated for a cow game.

omfg, the medals is too many freaking annoying too much

So the problem with reskinning a game to use a different protagonist is that the hitboxes don't match. Like, yeah, in a lot of ways this is an improvement, but I keep missing jumps because the cow looks larger than it actually is

Not bad, but it just feels like a level pack for Tricky Cat/Fox.