Reviews for "Deathwing"



Sorry to say but i think your quite wrong by saying that he looks like he's about to start a tea party. The emotion on his face expresses an evil sort of grin and a arrogant look like hes thinking "i am the best, i'll conquer you all!! muwahaha".

Great! 10/10 5/5


8 becuz this is a copy of wow cataclysm dragon


As a big WoW nut, I approve of this picture * thumbs up*

Its kinda got a cartoony / caricature look about it, which I think is a good spin on the subject, wether or not you intended for this to happen I dont know because its not totally obvious, but that aside it looks great :D


Ha-ho! A Balrog? I shall smite!

Good Drawing!

You've done a very good drawing, but the reason I give you a 9/10 is becasue the character is suposed to be a corupt black dragon but in your drawing it looks like he's going to go to a tea party or just saying hello.