Reviews for "Deathwing"

I recognized that this was made by the same painter of one of my favorite paintings! Well, I guess they're not really paintings, but you get the idea. This guy looks like he's supposed to be a dragon too. I can see the detail in his nostrils. He doesn't have much of a snout when compared to other dragon pictures. I just love all the little details.

This guy looks like he's part of a wall or floor. His scales look like bricks in some building. The idea of a building coming to life is cool too. I can see hints of blue on his head as well. You even have an awesome signature. I'm certainly glad this is popular and reviewed.

This is tight. I might want to commission you in the future so I'm going to add you and see how things go.

world of warcraft yassss

world of war craft deathwing from catclism

HOLY... FREAKING... CRAP! u should be hired by blizz dude, this looks exacltly like the one in the cataclysm art book