Reviews for "Voxel Bot"

Interesting idea! I admire the simplicity. The keyboard controls were a little wonky to figure out, but I managed. The character is a cute little bot! Also, I DIG the blue! Hazards, scaffolding, EVERYTHING makes it awesome! Love it! 4.5 stars! (One flaw, but otherwise great.)

That was quite fun! It reminds me of Q*bert. Yeah, probably a direct knockoff. The sounds were cool too. Nice to have a medal for every level. Level 7 is where I really lose it.

That thing is so annoying. Didn't take a genius to know that thing would kill you. I love the goofy graphics. The colors are cool too. It's just a fun little game.

I like it. Although, I do think the death animation should've been shorter. It starts to get annoying as you start to die more often in the harder levels.

This game is quite relaxing and the gameplay along with the soundtrack is nice.

Please do add a full screen for this game. This game is uper cute and fun to play. Love the look and feel of the game.