Reviews for "Voxel Bot"

wtf are the controlles?

So I thought the game was pretty good. Minimalist art style was really cute, and the levels seemed to be well thought out. It's just the controls. I've noticed that's what a lot of people are saying and well I agree. The little control bar on screen does help though. I prefer to use that then just the arrow keys. Overall pretty good. The game over screen is just like barely too long. If it wasn't changed I wouldn't really care. Anyways 4/5! Good job!

The game looks nice, and I like the general concept of it but like others have said, the controls are really what brings this game down. It's not too bad in the earlier levels but when you have to be quicker in the later levels and pull off combos of moves it gets really frustrating.

fun little game but there's one annoy ing gripe i have with the game;
the controls.
the controls do not function well if youre use to holding to move rather than tapping, randomly deciding to jump just one block ahead of where you stopped moving- this has caused about 40-50 % of my deaths. Other than that interesting game . . . but dont let me near around any red frogs OWO"

best puzzle game cube ever.