Reviews for "Creambee - Sun Shine Gals - v2"

for me its glitchy flashing all of the girls randomly flashing cum and the futa cock randomly

I'm not having any lag whatsoever, you can click the magnifying glass twice to put it on lowest worst graphics, or buy a better pc.

Just wondering if it's possible to have anal sex with her too? If so, cannot figure out how.

Great animation, great artwork, looks fantastic. The boobs do glitch out sometimes where the animation plays over the still image of the boob so you can see 2 left boobs at the same time. Only seems to happen to the left one (right from player's perspective).

Please see literally every other comment

pretty unresponsive on safari and i tried cleaning cache and histroy. looks hot tough

it lags a little but besides that its pretty great. the art and animation are very nice and i cant wait to see what you will add. keep up the good work!