Reviews for "Creambee - Sun Shine Gals - v2"

I kinda remember that this game has a zoom out option? Or is it just me? But I have to admit that his game even though it's just 2.0. It's incredibly hot and well made! The cumming on her is just fantastic! You can see the cum flying on her and you can even cum on her mouth! And you can give her a futa option! When she cums. She cums a lot and it looks beautiful! Loving this game but the zoom out and in would be good to know or add to the game! I like to look at her fully too you know :D

EDIT: Maybe you could add an option to have her face her back towards us so we can play with her ass and perhaps doggy style her?

This is amazing! I cant wait for the next update! The only problem is: its extremely laggy. Idk if its my computer, browser or game performance. Besides that, one of the best (if not the best) flash games I have ever played :D

You should consider making it possible for the player to be futa! And also if we want to get a bit more in detail; work a bit on the hands and feet, they look kinda odd; like placeholders for the rest of such amazingly drawn body. The hand fingers are pointy and are missing nails and the feet are a bit out of proportion, the feet fingers are a bit too straight. It would also be nice if you introduced nail polish. You should also consider making it possible to modify genital lip size, and also as someone mentioned earlier to regulate the breast size.

Can't give you more meaningful feedback. So i'll just praise you.

Aside from that, I see potential, this game is a real gem; it is understandable that the performance is a bit sluggish since it makes you do so much things. At first sight it looked like a finished game, but if you're still working on it then I hope you'll make great progress and surpass current greatness!

It's great, just wish it ran better.

me like :)