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Reviews for "Onion Soup"

Oh no, now I have to follow you!

This gave me a very salad fingery vibe, Impressive

This vid has the cooking comedy of Chowder and the disturbingness of Salad Fingers which I have never thought those two things combined would make for a video that is pretty good. Weird yet perfectly fitting combination.

Needs better voice acting,really hits the chowder vibe x salad fingers while still being fresh.

Well that was... informative! The truths you learn...

I love how it builds. The style. The slow pace. The both eerie and expressive style - and expressive without having to go overboard for that matter. The animation's all top-notch, though I wish the audio balance were a bit better. I love the sound design too, refreshingly creative and squeaky as it is, but it's not really level.

Apart from that this is some next level mastery... unexpected. Reminds me a bit of Salad Fingers but the visual style's totally different.