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Reviews for "Onion Soup"

That's a lot of blood coming from a small onion child. I never get the juicy ones, I always get the scrawny, dry ones. Lucky dog!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

That's why you have to learn how to squeeze the onion first, to make sure the child will be nice and juicy

Wow, that was cool! The animation was really damn good for something made in 3 days and I liked the style, it reminds me of regular show a bit. The concept was certainly interesting. Creepy weird shit like this has been done before, but this still managed to creep me out. The slow build-up and then the entirely unexpected Onion Child, and Roy's slow descent into a mad abomination, just wow. However, the big flaw with the movie is the sound. I barely understood anything. I think you tried to hard to get a creepy weird voice and you made it too quiet/unintelligible.
Keep it up, man! I'll be following you (that sounded wrong)!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Thanks! And yeah, the sound was due to my inexperience and the fact I was the only voice actor I had (and I usually sound like a very monotone british farmer) so yeah it turned out pretty hard to listen to. Totally agree.

lol, funny. love it (:

I just wanted to laugh, not to stay awake all night

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Unfortunately there's no video rating for hauntingly disturbing!

Oh no, now I have to follow you!