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Reviews for "Onion Soup"

I've watched this videos so many times already... (But not enough tho) I'll feel like an ungrateful piece of shtako if I don't leave a comment. I LOVE IT.

What I really like about it is these... non stop "weird/creepy" moments within the animation, as soon as you start relaxing, pow! Something that shocks you a little, and then you start relaxing again, just so you can get shocked again, over and over again till the end, it's fucking fantastic.

I'd love to see more Rabid Roy, or stuff like this. :)

Mental-Autopsy responds:

After animating my uni final film this year, I am planning a series of short episodes along the lines of Rabid Roy, and possibly a couple short point + click games, but that will probably be next year

really really reminds me of shows like regular show, courage the cowardly dog, etc.

Mental-Autopsy responds:

I've been a fan of both for several years, so yeah it's probably pretty heavily influenced by them

oh, god.

This gave me a very salad fingery vibe, Impressive

That was really damn good. I can definitely appreciate all of the effort that went in to the animation in this piece. The character rotating, the fbf lip syncing, the various angles, it's all done with such a lovely attention to detail, and turned out brilliantly. This was also very easy to keep watching, never felt bored for a minute. The one issue I think could use some improvement is just the audio quality, seems like a better microphone might do you some good. But even then, doesn't detract enough for me to drop this even half a star. Really impressive work, great job!

Mental-Autopsy responds:

Awesome to hear you liked it so much!