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Reviews for "Art Progress Thing"

Haha, very nice.

It's interesting to see these and just look at what's been improved and such over the past how many years. Also, Maplestory took me away from flash too D:

matt-likes-swords responds:

MMORPG's for the lose :(

Totally just noticed..

I've been watching your stuff since 2004 dood o.O
Keep up the good work ^^


LOL your just like "started drawing boobs and hence page views multiplied" XDDDDD its funny how people are such pervs XD. but you started when you were 13, cool, im 14 right now :> i want to start making flash games like you do (but sort of differant gameplay) but i have...absalutely...no clue how.. i can only draw stick figuers XD.

your art evolved over the years...i need to hurry up and learn to draw so i can make my tv show.

Your Evolution

I really feel Motivated when I see your development on your art, Keep going, never give up!

Hmmm... I wonder what year you hit puberty?