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Reviews for "Art Progress Thing"


man ur art really improved at 2006 and hasn't change since, and i think that's a reason ur work is really popular in NG and you've made alot of fans from this work

Yes. I approve of this so hard.

I love you Matt...no homo >_>
No really though, your work is amazing. You actually inspired me to try and sharpen my pathetic art skills.
I didn't in the end though.
You did your part. I'm just lazy. A lazy lazy person.
The progress you made over the years was pretty outstanding as well. I actually remember back to when you started submitting. Now I look at your work and I'm all.... "lolwut"
I will end my review here because it will only turn into a never ending cycle of many different praise phrases. So, yeah. Honoured to have been able to enjoy your art. :D

i'm 17

and you were waaay better than me at 12...

ho-ooly shit. I gotta bitta catchingup to do!


Lol i can draw as good as you in 2007......exept i can't draw the eyes like dat :(

aw man...

i can only do your 2006 work >_>.