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Fantastic! The mixed media was refreshing to see and engrossing to watch, cute and adult without being vulgar is a hard nail to hit, bravo. Over 20 minutes with no dialogue is no mean feat either, a bold choice but it pays off here in spades. 10 stars out of 5

Well, that was savage wasn't it?

This was amazing! It reminds me exactly of the kind of experimental cartoons made in the 90s.
It was crazy, creative, engaging, disturbed, tense at times, and just plain incredible work with it's variety of mediums!

I love this!

That was nothing short of incredible. Disgusting and amazing. That mix of puppets, really good traditional 2d animation, shiftinf perspectives, changing styles. Wow. I hope you guys get some kind of award for this. Also you had a story that just kept rolling but stayed interesting, and again, no dialog which is the real test of good story telling.

by jove... im speechless. i doubt you remember that ive always been a fan, but I hadnt seen your work in easily a decade and this was one hell of a homecoming. brilliant. cheers. im not even gonna get technical, you know what you did.